My blog is often found by people searching for Hunter Boots or Hunter boot looks so I made a mental note to document more Hunter Boot outfits. It has been pretty rainy and slushy in Chicago during the last couple of weeks so these have taken me a long way!

Hunter Boots, Cynthia Rowley Jacket, H&M leg warmers (old)

You’ve seen this jacket before but because it’s more of a fall jacket I want to get as much use out of it before Spring hits! Plus, I love the contrast with the pink-a little color goes a long way!

Also, to bring warm fuzzy feelings to the rest of your week I wanted to share a short film I recently came across.  It was shot in Paris and directed by the lovely Michelle Phan.  It’s hard to believe it’s part of a make-up tutorial! Make sure to watch it if you have a few minutes-it’s cute, stylish, and very romantic.

Have a wonderful day!!

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