Cynthia Rowley jacket, oversized Michael Kors watch, Vintage belt

Two of the things I love in life are anything Chanel and beautifully made jackets, so yes, I just about died when I saw this amazing jacket. It’s a Cynthia Rowley and the price alone was reason to die! Guess where I found it?

Marshalls! A store that has rapidly become one of my favorites. You just never know what treasures you’ll stumble upon. The only caveat is that you have to go pretty regularly so you don’t miss anything-a committed shopper I am so I supposed that’s not a problem.

Yesterday I showed you how I originally wore this outfit-but when I got home I simply had to try the jacket on and I loved it with the outfit I was already wearing. Edgy, cool but always classic with a Chanel-inspired jacket and a bold red lip!  As adaptable as houndstooth, I have a feeling this is another one of those pieces I will cherish forever.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Casual Classied Up!

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