I think the best way to start a week off right is with a rockin’ outfit. Makes Mondays at the office worth it. I believe the lines between fall/winter trends are blurred. In Illinois it’s tough to try to stay chic during the winter months but I guess a woman must certainly try.

I’m sure you all read all the wonderful reports that came out last year about the timeless 2010 fall trends. I don’t know about you but I fell absolutely in love. The trends really are timeless, and beautiful, and cozy. I cannot count the times I’ve worn this color combination already. First, camel dress shorts with denim, camel trousers with denim, and here, a lovely camel skirt from H&M with my favorite denim shirt. I really hope you jumped on that bandwagon when the pieces first arrived in stores because I definitely find myself going back to them over and over again.

The cape I’m wearing, I found in Mexico December 2009. I had a feeling they were going to be big, so I made that amazing purchase right away. No regrets there.

This is the bag I’ve been using this winter. Nowadays I tend to change bags by season. It’s a super cozy bag from 2006. After Chanel unveiled their fall collection last year, I knew it would be time to dig this baby out. I loved it back then, I love it now.

Like I’ve said before, it’s cold, so the fall/winter 2010 trends are still going strong in my closet.

Oh yesss, this is where my fall trends vintage photo story begins…

capes, denim, camel

Fall 2010 was probably my favorite season yet, because it can easily live forever.

Cape / Market in Mexico
Skirt with belt / H&M Fall 2010
Denim Shirt / Chalotte Russe 2010
Boots / Charlotte Russe Winter 2009 (still get tons of compliments)

Enjoy the rest of your week. Dress well. Make it worth your while.


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