I sincerely apologize to the few of you who follow my blog for the lack of posts recently. In the fall things do seem to readjust a bit…and I seem to have less free time (or am more tired perhaps?).  Plus, there’s so many wonderful fall shows that I have to watch now (ahem Gossip Girl). I have however made it a point to keep up with a few of my favorite outfits. I hope to post about them soon.

About the outfit: I love the combination of red and khaki. Though hard to tell on here, up close these pants are an interesting mix of gray and camel, the color of the season. I really enjoy nude colors, they seem to mix seamlessly with anything, especially the shade of these particular pants.  I hate to sound like everyone else, but camel is definitely my favorite color of the season. I wore this to the office a couple of days ago. The weather has certainly been kind of crazy and unpredictable lately. It will be cold one day and rather hot the next. It’s nice though, because I can still sometimes pair my work outfits with lovely summer sandals like these.

This shirt is my favorite “work” shirt, I can make it work with anything (no pun intended). I feel pretty, girlie, and sophisticated.  I think the trick is in the ruffles.  To make yourself feel instantly pretty, make sure to try them out.  I am also wearing a pair of earrings that I found in Mexico and they seem to match perfectly, right down to the exact color pattern. I have to admit that this outfit is kind of matchy matchy, but I don’t really mind that sometimes.

The leaves are changing colors and rapidly falling, one of the best parts of the great Midwest.  I hope you are enjoying the season as much as I am.

Thank you so so much for dropping by. Keep in touch. And, have an amazing October weekend!

~ Elsie

Bag / Vintage Coach
Pants / Gap
Belt / Banana Republic

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