Weather forecast says 68 degrees for tomorrow. Everyone’s back at school. And, I actually wore my BCBGMAXAZRIA blazer all day today, instead of taking it off before lunch time. I guess it’s time to move these fun little colorful numbers to the back of the closet. You shall be missed.

On the plus side: My search for the perfect camel coat continues. I can wear my favorite leather jacket again (and again and again). Boot season babyyy! And Gossip Girl premiers next week! Need I say more?

About this outfit: I found this old dress during one of my summer closet clean out sessions. I had already put it in the “donate” box until I realized that it still has a lot of potential, so I picked it back up (I do that a lot). I’m pretty sure it’s from middle school, but it still fits, sure a bit short, bu with pair of cutoffs it still totally works. I cut these myself (great DIY project). I like shorts (and pants) under dresses, especially if they are obvious because people then know you are wearing them like this on purpose (not simply cause you’re trying to cover your tush).

I am a HUGE color freak. I don’t think many people would wear this pattern, as it’s kind of “loud” but if you like a color or print, I say you can definitely pull it off.  It’ll be even better if you’re the only one wearing the piece (Go you! You trendsetter!). Just make sure to rock it confidently 😉 I bought these wonderful sandals in Mexico last winter. They have the Mayan calendar engraved and I finally broke them in enough to call them “comfortable.”

I’m kind of surprised how good this nail polish looks in pictures, I don’t think it looks that great in real life…in fact, it makes me look kind of dead. Oh and how I love this ring! I would say this is probably my signature piece. I wear it 5 out of the 7 days of the week. It just works with anything. Invest in a good piece of silver jewelry, it will go with any outfit. I need to go back to Taxco, Mexico soon. Amazing (good quality) jewelry at more than amazing prices. I’m gonna need the drug lords to stop killing innocent people soon so that I can feel safe enough to vacation in Mexico again.

Anyway, go look through your boxes and clean out your closets/attics, I swear I find something from 10 years earlier every time and I fall in love with it all over again.

Hope you’re having a great short week (short if you’re in the US). Keep in touch via Twitter!


International jewelry: My boyfriend brought the necklace back from Tunisia and I got this ring (my absolute fave) in a wonderful little town in Mexico. Google Taxco. They make the silver right there so everything is super cheap!

This was a good hair day.

When wearing colors in horizontal lines try defining your waist with a belt. It will minimize the widening effect of the lines and break therm up a bit.

5 thoughts on “Can this be the end? Goodbye summer color

  1. ohhhHHHH!!! que uñas mas fashion!!! aqui está lloviendo… pero sigue haciendo calorcito… y la semana que viene me voy a MALAGA!!! SIIII!!!!!!!!!! A que te doy un poquito de envidia??? cuentame!! que planes tienes para este año?

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