Is it really September already?  I mean really.  How the heck did this summer go by so freakin’ fast?  Life in general seems to be flying lately.  I can’t believe I graduated college this past May and that this week classes resumed again except that this time I wasn’t there to experience it.  I still can’t believe that I’m done!   I’m not going to lie, it’s a little depressing.  Those four years went by really really fast, and judging by the rate at which this summer is flying, I have a feeling that the next four years are going to go by even faster.  Oh to grow up and have to experience the “real world.”  I am deathly afraid.  I just hope the future is good to me.  I really really do.

For now I will try to prolong the summer by throwing on flowy skirts and bright colors.  Chicago is a very cold city most of the year, and though fall fashion is the best, it’s not everyday we get to celebrate beautiful weather.  My plan for now is to hold on to these 80 degree days that Chicago has been offering and grip them very tightly.

Oh and by the way, did I mention how much I love second hand stuff sometimes?  This skirt was given to me by a friend during a closet clean out session and it’s one of my absolute faves.  Even my mother steals it from me sometimes.  I’m pretty sure this style will always work.  It just screams bohemian summer!  Plus, they’re so light and comfortable. The shoes are from a local resale shop.  I fell in love with them at first sight.  I stole the scarf from my mother’s dress and used it as a belt, because like I’ve said before, I am obsessed with the print.

Go enjoy the last hot days of summer now, but be sure to come back soon! 🙂


P.S. I’ve been noticing a pattern lately…I’m definitely a skirts and dresses kind of girl…I never really noticed it before because my style tends to vary according to my mood. But I have clearly been depending on skirts and dresses to get me through the summer. Don’t you just love discovering things about your personal style?

5 thoughts on “Bohemian Summer

  1. oauuuh sweet elsie! this is VANESSA from Bilbao, spain! Andrews nanny! i didn’t know you had a blog? i also have one, i thik i sent it to you?
    So now you have a street style blog?? Mine is a mix, but above all is about my head bands and accessories. Well I’ll see you around! i hope you come to spain soon. you look beatiful in the pics XOXO vanessa

  2. OMG Vanessa I have no idea how I missed your blog before! I am checking it out now, and loving it.

    Hahaha I like how you tell me your Andrew’s nanny as if I won’t remember you. Of course I know who you are. I am adding you to my blogroll and will proceed to stalk you regularly now via your blog 😉 (although I already do via facebook, me encantan tus fotos de todas las vacaciones geniales que acostumbras.).

    Awww I miss Spain soooo much!

  3. Hey Sara!

    Yup…I have to enter the real world now and look for a job in my field. I don’t know how the economy is looking in your country but here it’s not looking so good. Thankfully I am well employed but it certainly has nothing to do with my passion so I hope that changes soon.

    I wish you luck in the next two years. Make sure to enjoy them to the fullest cause like I said, they go by super fast!

  4. OOhhhh!! I have had the very same idea and added you to my blog roller ha ha ha. and then i have read you mss. So we are both Bloggers!!! How Funny!!!!!!!! it’s great to see you and have a little look at you life thanks to the blog! Me alegro que te gusten mis creaciones. mucho trabajo y tiempo! cuando vengas por aqui tendrás un regalito especial 🙂
    SIIII, espero que vengas pronto por aqui! aaahhh, como me gustaria volver a los states… pero no tengo enough vacation!!! muchos besos elsie!!!!!!! nos vemos por aqui miss Sunshine!!

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