Continuing on with the food trend.  Let me just say that my palate has been exposed to a great amount of yummy flavors in the past couple of months.  As I mentioned in my previous post 2 weeks ago I was to go out for Ethiopian Food to celebrate my friends b-day and this is what I wore.

I absolutely love maxi dresses! Or as a friend from work likes to call them “Mexi” dresses (just cause I’m Mexican), no I don’t think he’s being racist, I think he thinks he’s funny. Anyway, long dresses are so light and airy and beautiful. I feel so free in them, which is funny because it’s a dress after all. They just feel so good on the skin, especially this one.

Toward the end of the summer last year, I found this dress on sale at a random store at my local mall, and I finally had a chance to wear it this year.  I remember the first time I wore it I was stopped by several people just to tell me they loved it, I guess that is how you know you have a winner. Too bad the fabric, though incredibly comfortable, seems a bit cheap so I don’t know how many more wears it will resist. I hope it makes it at least to next summer because it’s definitely one of my favorites!

I adore the wooden necklace detail that is attached to the dress. And as a general rule I love dresses and tops that tie in the back because they are usually sexy yet classy.  Light accessories, and gladiator sandals for city walking complete the look.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far.  I’m starting to get a little chilly in the mornings as I leave for work.  I hope it’s simply an indication of a bad weather week.  I can’t part with the summer (and summer outfits) just yet.

Have you tried Ethiopian? It’s amazing, and such a social food too, because everyone eats from the same plate.

And the best part of most Ethiopian places: BYOB! If you have a chance try the one on the far left. It has a very nice earthy flavor.

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