What does one wear out to grab some fat-inducing German food?  Why a fun silky little number of course.  Nothing like feeling my sexiest while enjoying a full plate of baked noodles and meatloaf stuffed with bacon, cheese and who knows what else.  I will be very very sad when my metabolism starts catching up to what I eat.  Until then I shall continue to stuff my face…

Anyway, I definitely enjoy trying out different cuisines.  Eccentric looking restaurants that serve eccentric looking foods are my favorite, and I am glad that Chicago has plenty of places to try.  I’m not really much of a cook, but I hope that the fact that I love food will someday motivate me to learn how to cook.

Now about this outfit; can I just say that I love when friends clean out their closets.  Seriously!  One night last semester I randomly visited my friend’s apartment and since it was the end of the school year her roommate was cleaning out her closet.  She was going to give this dress (along with some other cool stuff) away but she was allowing her friends to rummage through it first and take what they pleased.  I immediately imagined this camisole as a cute little dress and that night I made it happen.

I added this fresh blazer I got on sale from H&M and some summery wedges for the perfect date-night outfit.  I love that the print is almost kind of vintagie but that I was able to easily  update it with a modern blazer, and then dress it up with some accessories, like this awesome cuff I found in Mexico last December.

Want something to do this weekend?  Have a swap party with your friends, because one girls trash can most definitely be someone elses treasure.  As for me, I’ll be enjoying some Ethiopian food and celebrating my friend’s 23rd!


  • Dress / second-hand
  • Bag / Coach
  • Wedges / Rue 21
  • Necklace / Charlotte Russe
  • Cuff / From street vendor in Mexico

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