Saturday I went to my cousin’s quinceañera. It was funny because I’ve never actually met her, but our mothers are cousins so they enjoyed a nice family reunion. I along with my sister and mother were happy because we got to dress up a little more than usual. I decided to wear this pink summery frock from Charlotte Russe. I got it two years ago but I absolutely love it and am constantly looking for opportunities to wear it. I thought it worked well for the occasion because of its silky texture and super girlie color and graphics. I find it very difficult to identify my style, but one thing is for sure. I am a sucker for anything girlie. Needless to say, there is a lot of pink in my closet.

I thought it appropriate to toughen the dress up a bit with these fabulous heels from Forever 21. I wasn’t sure if I would like the result because of the sharp contrast, but in the end I loved it. I painted my nails neon pink a couple of days ago and I think it actually added a nice punk rock vibe to the ensemble. I certainly felt like a punk rock princess…with pearls.

I was a bit hesitant to wear these shoes because I paired them with my romper last weekend and wore them for a night out in downtown Chicago and they absolutely murdered my feet. I decided however, that I could not fear them, and what better way to overcome my fears than to wear them two weekends in a row. Thankfully this time around there wasn’t as much walking involved. My feet survived and I even managed to squeeze in some dancing. Too bad I’m a terrible “Mexican” dancer. Give me some hip hop or jazz and I can handle it, but my feet were definitely not built for el pacito duranguense.

This is how the dialogue went for this picture, “Hello cousin, whom I’ve never met. I’de like to include your dress in my fashion blog.  Do you mind if we take a fabulously awkward photo together? Thanks, much appreciated.  Gorgeous $500 gown by the way!”


  • Dress / Charlotte Russe
  • Heels / Forever 21
  • Earrings / Chicago Art Fair
  • Pearls / Claire’s
  • Bracelets and Ring / Mexico
  • Clutch / Old (Don’t remember)

4 thoughts on “Dulce Quinceañera

  1. Omg that gown is redic. Too bad 15 year olds are too young to pick out something less gaudy and more chic. SUCH a waste of $500. Can I have a 23ceñera? I could take that $500 soooo much further.

  2. You should totally have a 23ceñera…I’ll help you! I thought her dress was actually pretty especially up close, however, it was a bit too bridish for me. I mean, I would have gone with the traditional pink (but that’s just me of course). When I got home I googled Quinceañera dresses, and some stunning gowns came up. Many, I’de say, better suited for a 15-year-old (in prettier hues, bright colors, etc.). My aunt was pissed she picked this color (esp. because she was the one charged with paying for it, I googled because I couldn’t believe the price she told me). Quite honestly, you and I would have been smart to choose a trip to Europe or a car instead (which is often the alternative). To each its own I suppose.

    Thanks for stopping by Kels…I’m glad the title finally caught your attention 😉

  3. your shoes look fierce! f21 shoes aren’t very comfy, IMHO, i own a handful as a result, lol. with the pretty florals, the shoes are a great addition. cheers!

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