Okay, so just a few points about this post.  I should have really, really uploaded this three weeks ago when I first took the pictures. Why did I not? I have no idea.  They were taken at my boyfriend’s parents vacation home in northern Wisconsin, and doesn’t the scenic peacefulness just jump out of the page? This is my idea of what summer should be. Add in a lovely super comfy summer dress and I’m golden (except not really because my skin for some reason is not actually turning “golden” brown this year). The countryside setting, again, was just perfect for a photo shoot.

I enjoyed shooting the pictures a great deal. Can I just say that I think my boyfriend should pick up photography. And I could become his permanent model, and then we could travel the world shooting beautiful photographs in awesome locations. Yeah…about that, anyway, we shot these with a regular boring point and shoot but I am quite impressed with the results.

I really did feel like a model shooting on location and that’s probably one of the things I love most about fashion blogs. Normal girls like you and I can have fun and take pictures of ourselves in our favorite outfits and it doesn’t even matter that we’re not a size 0. Then we can save them and share them with our kids later in life and tell them “that’s right children, I was young, and hot, and had great style.” And even if we don’t, then we can at least allow our creative juices to flow as we come up with great concepts for almost professional photo shoots.  We are real people taking these wonderful pictures and that’s the best part.

It’s great that many bloggers will gain several followers and some will even probably become famous. Maybe not Kate Moss famous, but the reality is that fashion blogs have a surprisingly huge following. There’s just so many of us and we like to support each other. So it may be a little narcissistic, but so what? I’m having fun and I bet you are too. And who knows that hard work and awkward posing might actually pay off. Take Rumi from FashionToast for instance. She is now all over the Forever21 website and in billboards all over New York City. How cool is that?

Oh, and by the way, if you’re looking to improve your pictures so you too can be discovered take a look at this post from Grit and Glamour.  I thought it was quite useful.  I definitely keep discovering amazing blogs everyday.  It’s going to start getting hard to keep up.  Remember to check out Bloglovin‘ to save all your favorites because it really does make it easier to keep track.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m going to a Quinceañera and I am super excited that I get to dress up! :]


  • Dress/Charlotte Russe (old)
  • Blue Sandals/ Wet Seal
  • Necklaces / From Roman Flea Market

3 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Loving Dressess

  1. those pics at the end on the porch are my faves i think. the wicker furniture and the blistered white paint and the blue accents…totally defines summer in my mind. all ya need is a tall, icy glass of lemonade , or better yet, a MOJITO!! :o)

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