So I was updating my portfolio site and adding different graphic design projects that I worked on this past year and I stumbled upon this one.

I had totally forgotten about it. The assignment was to create a timeline illustrating a theme or topic in graphic design. Some people traced the development of alcohol ads, others went as basic as illustrating the humble beginnings of the printing press (remember that?), the computer, and then ultimately graphic design in general.  I of course am always looking for ways to implement my fashion interests into my studies so I decided to dedicate my timeline to the evolution of layout and editing. I focused particularly on fashion magazines, and even more specifically on Harper’s Bazaar. I learned a great deal during the process of putting the timeline together, especially on the progression of layout and editing techniques.  Make sure to click on it and make it larger so that you too can learn something new about one of your favorite fashion magazines.

I know of quite a few people who have a keen interest in working in some aspect of the fashion industry.  I think films like “The Devil Wears Prada” glamorize the industry and make us want to be a part of it even more (yes even though she had to do some tough things for Miranda!).  I think what’s important here is that different sources have shown us over and over again that this industry is not easy, yet how great is it that we are still willing to put in the work?  We understand that we are going to have to work really really hard and do things that are not going to be pretty (or glamorous in any way) and we are ready for it.  I mean, we hear it all the time, from advice columns, intern blogs, and movies, but so what?  This is what we love and we will put in the effort to attain it.  I know of women who are making that super scary move to New York, and this makes me proud.  I’m glad to hear that we are not afraid of jumping and this inspires me.  At this moment, for personal reasons, I am inclined to take baby steps, but I will leap soon.  I know it!  Dream career for me, director of public relations at Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar…a girl can dream…

It’s a competitive business so I say we help each other out!  Tell me, what do you aspire to in the fashion industry, or that other industry that makes your heart palpitate?  And what are you doing to achieve that ultimate success?

2 thoughts on “Fashion Timeline: Tough Job

  1. I read this last night and I completely agree with your thoughts! And yes, I am one of those women that is hopeful to be moving to NY for a few months later this year. But I aspire to be editor of my own fashion magazine. But I want to be much more than that. I really want to make myself a brand. Equivalent to Oprah, but with Anna Wintour’s job. 🙂

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