So this past weekend I went up to Door County (WI) for a weekend getaway with my bf. His parents own a beautiful summer home up there.  I found it very inspiring and wanted to get a lot of shots (so I did!).  The property is very quaint, with a lovely vintage vibe.  Its rustic appeal inspired my denim on denim ensemble.  My boyfriend said it best, I felt like I was shooting a Levi’s commercial.  When I think of denim I definitely think American.  I think about California gold miners and early oil drillers, and about our American traditions.  I was excited to finally try the denim on denim trend, and I think the countryside setting provided the perfect backdrop for it.

I looked through my dad’s closet a couple of weeks ago and I found this amazing denim shirt.  It’s a good thing that my dad was thin when he was young and stylish because that means I can easily fit into his clothes and they grant a great boyfriend vibe.  There was an old logo on the left lapel so I patched it up with a different piece of denim.  Patching seems to be part of the trend so it worked out perfectly, plus I think the pins toughen it up a bit.  Seriously, if you’re looking for some great new pieces to spice up your wardrobe look through your parents closets (even your dads!). You never know what you’ll find.

Also wearing:

Inexpensive sikinnys from Rue 21

Old camisole top

Necklace bough in a Roman Market

Earrings from Forever 21

Sandals from Wet Seal (hope you have your colorful pair for the Summer!)

++I made my boyfriend take a lot of pictures of me this weekend but he was a great sport (and a great photographer). He probably thinks I’m a total weirdo for doing this but I really I appreciate his support as I navigate this whole blogging thing.  Thanks honey 🙂

I finally found the romper I’ve been looking for all my life…stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “An American Tradition: Denim

  1. Oh This looks so lovely! I love the shirt, and the belt! The two go great together! The pictures are amazing!
    But my favorite are the sandals! They’re soo effin cute! Congrats!

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