So it is clear that stripes aren’t going anywhere…ever. I’ve probably owned this shirt for more than four years, and though the styling keeps changing, it’s obvious that I will never find a reason to get rid of it (unless my sister steals it again, like when I was in Europe and she took over my closet, and I was inevitably forced to let it go. Vanessa I’m watching you!).  Anyway, stripes always make me a bit hesitant because I think they naturally make people look a little wider, but I think one can add simple pieces like a black pencil skirt to class it up and ultimately slim it down.  That’s what I did some weeks ago.  I went to a magazine launch for LWChicago.com and quite honestly I wasn’t entirely sure how to dress.  I wasn’t sure if the event called for business casual since it was taking place on a Thursday night or if they expected guests to be a little more dressed up.  In the end I went with this safe bet and it worked out great.  I didn’t feel under dressed and I wasn’t overdressed either.  Girls, when all else fails go with a classic black skirt.  Find a way to make it your own by adding a bohemian necklace or sexy strappy heels (whatever your style).  That’s the nice thing about simple skirts, they give you the flexibility to let your style shine through and they work for any occasion.  This summer I am absolutely loving how stripes work with the color red because it adds a fresh nautical feel to it and it makes me feel like a sailor 🙂 Anyway, the point is to go get a simple pencil skirt if you don’t already own one.  And my advice would be to spend the extra $40 to get one that will last a while (make sure it’s machine washable though).

As for the event, I love the idea behind it.  As LWChicago’s website explains it “is the online magazine geared towards the modern Latino professional.”  I think we absolutely need something like this because there are many Latinos (como yo!) that sometimes have a difficult time finding and fitting into a niche that understands our desire to advance in the professional field and our love of fashion (I feel like maybe there’s not too many of us) and for that reason I am super excited to see what LW does.  I wish them luck in achieving a great amount of success and a good following.  I do have a couple suggestions though.  First of all, next time book a band that will get us dancing…porque pues a nosotros nos encanta bailar and at the party it didn’t show.  Also, make sure to get more food so that I can get some.  We got there an hour late and the free food I was promised via the Facebook event page was gone!  (Needless to say, we were a little disappointed).  You snooze you loose I suppose.  Oh and lastly, more fashion please! They has some beautiful designs by Elda de la Rosa, a local Chicago designer but I felt like the models weren’t out for too long (again that may have been because we got there a bit late).  Next time, let us admire those gorgeous creations just a little longer (I didn’t even get to take a picture).

3 thoughts on “dressing up stripes

  1. OoOoO, your outfit is cute. I really love stripes because they are cute and fun, plus they make your boobs look bigger! Another fun color to wear with stripes is yellow!!!

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