Ok….so I bow down to fashion bloggers (again) this whole blogging thing is definitely no easy task. I decided to make this blog my summer project. I work during the day and I figured this would be a fun thing to come home to, but how do all these amazing bloggers find time to keep their blogs so updated? I mean, I find myself so tired after work. I know many of you turn your blogs into full-time things, so I’m sure that makes things just a tiny bit easier (maybe). Does anyone sympathize with me?

I’m not going to lie, I think one of the reason’s I find myself slacking is because of the whole picture uploading thing. It takes forever to upload pictures. Is there an easy way to do this? Or is there a trick to doing this in a quick and effective manner on wordpress? Do any fashion bloggers blogging on the wordpress platform have any advice for me? I’ve noticed that most fashion bloggers seem to be running on Blogger. I wonder if that is simply a coincidence or if there is a legitimate reason for that. WordPress makes it easy to insert galleries, but what’s the fun in that when all you want to do is see the garments in their full and majestic sizes.

Reason number two for my slacking: my terrible camera. I bought myself a new digital camera right before I left for Italy two years ago which is why I can’t bring myself to buy a new one just yet. At that time I figured a slim and portable point and shoot device would work just fine to document all my fabulous adventures but I am totally regretting that purchase. Why couldn’t I get myself a NICE camera? I would have taken amazing pictures of all my European endeavors and I would now own a great camera that would help me legitimize this blog. I guess back then I didn’t know that I would have this wacky idea later on in life. I suppose I should really reconsider buying a nice one since I assume a purchase like that would be a worthy investment (regardless of this blog) however, how can I even begin to save up when summer fashion trends keep calling my name.

That brings me to one of my recent purchases. You should know that Kenosha, Wisconsin is super close to my current location. Why I had never visited the Prime Outlets of Kenosha before is way beyond me. Any who, I finally did this weekend, and MY GOD, I may have found my new favorite shopping spot! There are some amazing stores, and though most of them are outlets, I certainly encountered some noteworthy merchandise that made the trip well worth it. Though my stay was short, I definitely had a chance to stop in at the Coach outlet and what I found was complete bliss and total madness.

I don’t know if maybe it was because of the memorial day holiday but women were going crazy. They were carrying two or three bags at a time and were jumping from purse to purse. I was thoroughly entertained and widely impressed with the selection. I mean, they certainly had some unattractive out of season items, but some of their pieces were traditional coach and many of the bags were made of good quality leather.  I know outlets are known for defected merchandise but I didn’t see too much of that.  Many of these bags were classic bags, the kind that you keep forever.

I certainly partook in the festivities and bought a new bag that I fell in love with immediately because of its classic look.

I just hope I don’t dirty it too quickly. Have any of you stylish midwestern girls visited this outlet? Is it always this good or did I just happen to stop in on a good day? My boyfriend’s parents own a summer home in Wisconsin and I think this outlet center is on the way up there, from now on I will make it a point to stop in whenever I can I’m positive the boyfriend will love that…

2 thoughts on “Blogging is no easy feat, good thing shopping is

  1. i’ve heard the kenosha outlet was fantastic! bigger, cleaner and much better options than a gurnee mills. i’ve been to the one out in aurora, and kenosha is supposed to be pretty comparable. will have to find a way out to kenosha.
    your questions on blogging are very legit! i work during the day as well and am pooped out by the time i get home. if you take a look at my blog, it’s mostly been inspirational rather than personal. i’ve taken on the task of trying to add more personal(ity) to it. but where do these girls get the energy to take daily outfit shots AND upload everyday?? beats me. i guess it’s a matter of finding a balance of some sort and time management (of which i totally suck).
    the concerns you have regarding camera choice is one i’m thinking and rethinking about lately, too! i have a small point n shoot as well. it’s great, common and a good mega-pixel, but see all the beautiful crisp, clear pics up on so many other blogs, i’m considering an upgrade. the grass is greener on other side? perhaps.
    i use blogger, but not sure of what the differences are. if you would like to compare notes, let me know.
    and i will stop my rambling now. :o)

    • Oh please, continue with the rambling…I love it (mostly because I do it myself all the time). Recently I’ve noticed many bloggers switching over to WordPress, I almost feel as if blogger was initially the platform of choice for fashionistas and since everyone was using it the trend continued, but it seems that glitches are making many fashion bloggers reconsider. Which is good for me because then WordPress will also become known as a great place for fashion bloggers.

      Anyway, Gurnee Mills is 15 mins away from my house, and quite honestly I’ve found some amazing things (like an awesome boyfriend blazer from BCBG Max Azria for like $80 bucks!). But yeah, you definitely have to look. And there’s definitely too many “cool” middle schoolers which is always kind of annoying.

      Oh and congratulations! Looks like you have been at your blog for a long time, way to stay committed! You have some amazing images on there.

      Anyway, I enjoyed reading your comment, thank you so much for writing. 🙂

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