Ok so I continue to steal from my mother’s closet (and probably will forever).  This lovely dress would be another gem of hers.  A couple of months ago as I read about McQueen’s futuristic Spring/Summer 2010 collection this dress came to mind.  After that, as I was going through the pages of Vogue I kept seeing editorials and ads with similar prints, so naturally the next time I was home for the weekend I went through my mom’s closet right away in a hunt for this dress.  I tried it on, and  knew instantly that this would be my favorite dress this season (inherently I ended up wearing it twice during a one month period).  When I asked my mom if she could make a few adjustments so that it would fit properly she thought I was crazy.  She’s like, “you know, for things like college graduations, you’re allowed to buy a new dress,” but of course I said no, because this dress is simply perfect.

I love the bright and unexpected color palette that blends together in geometric shapes, as well as the silky texture that hangs effortlessly.  A plus is that it feels really nice on the skin.  I think it definitely lends itself to the futuristic trends that have been popping up in the runway, and that’s probably due to its geometric tendencies.  Very recently I stumbled upon Althea Harper’s Fall 2010 collection and again thought of this dress.  Obviously it’s a little different as many of the styles, including Gucci’s and McQueen’s, seem to come in shorter lengths printed with larger shapes, but I really don’t mind.  The most ironic part about this whole situation is that my mother fell in love with this print and then made it into a dress for herself in the early 90’s, and now it parallels the current futuristic trends.  Essentially, I’m looking into the past to keep up with the future.  Oh how I love fashion and the fact that it can be reused and recycled over and over again.  Excuse me while I go look in my box of old shoes to find a pair of clogs I just now thought of…

I love that this picture takes on a glowing neon effect.

I matched my earrings and bracelet (Mexico) with the smaller and darker blue prints in the dress. I didn’t want colors to compete with each other too much.

These shoes though old happened to match perfectly and were comfortable enough to walk in across the stage to accept my college diploma!

In the following pictures I am wearing the same dress but to a different occasion. Here I wore it to my senior boat cruise. Considering it was freezing that day, especially for a cruise around Lake Michigan, I wore tights, closed-toe Mary Jane pumps, and my leather jacket (it was a cruise after all so I expected to be outside most of the time, thankfully I wasn’t). I also matched it with silver accessories as I thought they were more glamorous for a night event.

Notice the lovely Chicago Skyline in the background 🙂

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