Besides being a pretty convenient tool to stay in the know, Bloglovin’ is probably a tool that all fashion PR practitioners should be aware of.  If you follow a good amount of blogs and don’t wish to miss a single post, this is a handy dandy way to put them all together in one place and be updated regularly.  I’m hopping on the bandwagon so feel free to add me, I must warn you however, that I’m still getting the hang of it (not quite sure if I set it up right).

Anyway, it seems that fashion bloggers are utilizing this service and it is quickly growing.  I think Bloglovin’ is definitely a nice addition to the social media trends that are gaining popularity in the fashion PR world.  From now on, instead of exclusively targeting the media, fashion PR practitioners will also need to consider how to gain more followers on bloglovin.  Basically it will have to be implemented into their strategy right from the beginning.

Fashion bloggers seem to be part of a nice tight knit community and this seems like a great way to reach them directly, since they all seem to be on it (especially the popular bloggers).  The way I see it, Bloglovin is another great PR tactic for PR practitioners to think about.  I’m glad I’m getting some good practice through this blog, and well, I guess that’s the point.  Are you guys utilizing Bloglovin’?  If not, you should try it out, might make life a little easier.

I took this video from Andy’s Blog, I think it provides a nice intro.

5 thoughts on “bloglovin, a nice little fashion PR tool

  1. I like this article. I have not yet become a member of bloglovin but I think i am going to check it out since my two friends and I who recently started a PR firm and also launched a blog http://www.clnprint.com have been trying to utilize as many fashion PR tools as possible. Might you have any other tips or sugestions?

    Thank you in advanced.

    Cindy Cityy

    • Hi Cindy Cityy,

      Thanks so much for your comment. As of this moment, I don’t have any suggestions for specific PR tools besides the ones you’re already using (i.e.; Twitter, Facebook ect.). However, I checked you guys out and first of all, congratulations! Launching a new business is HUGE, kudos for having the courage to go through with it. I think your site looks fabulous! That being said, as I navigated through your website/blog I wrote down some suggestions/comments that I would love to share with you. Email me at ayala.elsie@gmail.com and let me know if you’re interested.

  2. Great post! I’d heard about bloglovin’ before, but never really thought about how it could be utilized from a business perspective. I want to go into fashion PR after I get my undergraduate, so this was definitely an informative article. Thanks!

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