Recently I have become addicted to fashion blogs.  Particularly to Chiara’s Blonde Salad and Andy’s Style Scrapbook.  I have been following them pretty closely since November and I have no idea how they do it.  One thing is for sure, fashion blogging requires dedication and drive (and a really nice boyfriend willing to take pictures).  Anyway, I think that what they are doing is amazing and they have inspired me to start my own blog.  The one thing that I like learning and talking about is fashion and why not document my thoughts and desires?  I’m not sure what direction this will take but I would love for you to come along on the ride.  I’m a recent college grad and my goal is to work in fashion public relations and starting is blog is probably a pretty good first step, in fact, it is a step I should have taken a long time ago. Anyway, thanks for visiting and please come back soon.

Last year I studied abroad in Italy, and this was my favorite “cute” travel and explore look.

I bought this jacket in a little shop in Florence and it is my favorite purchase ever so you will probably see it a lot.

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